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Our music, and business services are based in developmental partnerships created to help self-release music brands engage sustainable income development for their music. We work with many top self-release music brands to build bankable music companies. How can we help you realize your dream?

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Music brands no longer require record deals to get record support services. We provide directed record development services for emerging music brands worldwide. Our brand development partnerships concentrate on achieving superior music quality, innovative exposure, and consistent live show revenue.


It's Time to Build a 
Sustainable Music Vision

A Grammy award represents a rich history symbolizing a pinnacle of professional success for music's technical, and creative entrepreneurs. "Music's Biggest Night" is a goal for many aspiring artists, but without high visibility, viral music, and exciting shows, breaking into larger territories is tough. 

Dreamscape provides professional label services through its music business agency STARGARDEN. We work with emerging self-release artists to optimize their music assets and develop bankable music businesses.

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Our Firm & Subsidiaries

Dreamscape Digital Group
Key Element Productions
Kosmos Radio
Star Garden
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Dae One

Executive Director of A&R

DREAMSCAPE Digital Group
StarGarden A&R | Business Agency

Key Element Productions

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Iconic West Coast Composer, and Grammy nominated record producer, sound designer, and artist Dae One, has produced records for an A-list of music icons such as Ice Cube, Sir Jinx,  W.C., Big Snoop Dogg, SZA, Kendrick Lamar, Tha Dogg Pound, and many more.

Always the advocate for self-release artists, Dae is focused more than ever on building opportunities with self-release music brands. Our goal; coordinate music partnerships vs. record deals that help brands grow, generate and keep more revenue from their music media. We are building a community that spans across the global self-release music network. Get In Touch to learn more.

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Self-Release Artist Development Services & Record Partnerships

We offer record partnerships to our clients, not record deals. The term "record deal" is an old pop culture cliché that has no value or significance in today's hyper-saturated music industry.

We teach self-release artists how to build strategic collaborations, how to attract sponsors, and methods for developing funding channels. With a solid management team, and diverse content catalogs, you can get music placed, raise capital, break new territories, and earn more revenue with your music repertoire.

Development is a critical aspect of an artist's career that lasts a lifetime. So we take a unique, but comprehensive approach to achieving critical music and business growth milestones, with an accelerated development system designed by the team at StarGardenheaded by Grammy nominated West Coast music producer, Dae One. 

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Helix Publishing Group is a global integrated media publisher representing exciting next-level independent media content. Our content focus includes music, original series, independent films, apps, games, non-fiction and fiction publications, photography, and original artwork. 

Helix Publishing Group


Desktop & Mobile Design Services 

Want to supercharge your music assets with a dynamic website or landing page? Dreamscape Digital Group (DDG) has your back! Our professional web designs, starting at $650, will help grow your audience and raise your brand's visibility. Enhance your digital presence today with DDG's expert services!

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Artist development is a career-long process that takes commitment, focus, and patience. We partner with artists to provide comprehensive product development "partnerships."

Business Partnerships Agreements

Record Development Partnerships

Catalog Administration

Business Model Development 

Market & Competition Analysis

Artist & Team Management

Organizational Development 

Music Project Financing

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