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Your Music's Value 

Create Music for Specific Purposes.

Rethink the reasons you create music. If you wish to place your songs through a publisher, assuming your songs are what sponsors want, you can generate income through placing your music in other media. As a creative entrepreneur you must reimagine how you see the music you make. Consider the end result for each song.


Consider designating a percentage (50 - 75%) of the music repertoire you create for placement. Consider making songs for video games, film, paid TV, and other content buying outlets. Consider working with a reputable publisher with experience in each submission genre. Learn to intentionally gain monetary value from the music you create.  

Investment Chart

Multimedia Sector Growth Opens Doors  

Integrated Media is Evolving 

The growth of a sector is important for creative entrepreneurs. It can be an indicator of opportunities to place your songs, or create high-value partnerships. 

Recording Studio

Building a Bankable Media Organization

As you invest in a music production system, consider scaling your system up enough to include high-resolution video processing, large amounts of external storage, and at least eight cores. This will provide a powerful system that can help you expand the types of content you can create, usually within the same DAW you currently use. Build the capacity to expand.

Turn Table

Content Development Partnership

The collaboration of minds creating new media for publishing, promotion, and distribution.

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Recording studio equipment

Integrated Media Partnership

Record support services without a record label contract. The 70/30 music partnership agreement.

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Image by Yibei Geng

Organizational Development

We help your media brand build the team you need to  establish an audience and attract growth capital.

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Business Meeting

Strategic Partnerships 

After building a solid media organization with in-demand commercial quality content, larger media partnerships are possible.

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