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Record support services

Self-Release Brand Development Services

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Self-Releasing A&R Development

Music brands must find a development team they feel comfortable with both contractually, and financially. Record companies expect artists to fund and manage their own development. costs can easily exceed thousands monthly. Let us help you structure and grow your brand without breaking your bank account.  

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Music Business Management Services

Meet each business opportunity properly prepared. Professional media management provides seasoned business teams with professional insights that assist developing brands to develop traction. We provide flexible business management partnerships focused on accelerating your business growth.

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Content Development Partnerships

With over $3.4 trillion in spending power the markets will buy your content, but you must compete for their attention. Versatility in content creation provides the best opportunities for content monetization. Learn more about our content development partnerships. 

Music Support Services

A&R Development | Self-Release Business Services | Content Collaborations


Development means getting traction with buyers. Get the experienced developmental insights and support you won't get from a label.


We develop and encourage global partnerships to develop new revenue channels for our content. Learn why you should to.


It's time for your music brand to evolve to multimedia. Create a viral experience that you can share directly with your fans, and the world.


Seasoned guidance supports personal, and business development planning.

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