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S T A R G A R D E N 

Digital Music Development  |  Business Management  |  Record Support

Landmark Music Services for Self-Release Music Brands

StarGarden will revolutionize how self-release music and media brands fund, plan, coordinate, collaborate, produce, and publish their digital media content.

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Establishing A Viral
Media Brand

Record labels have resources that are essential to expand the visibility of your music brand. At issue is the process of developing musical assets, and live shows that build popularity in music brands. StarGarden is an agency that provide access to tools, products, and services designed to build viable, sustainable music media companies.  

Image by Siednji Leon

Support to Build a Sustainable Music Organization

A percentage of self-releasing artists learn to record music, but most never learn to build a viable music brand, or a seasoned media organization. A company that controls copyrights, supports sales, manages licenses, track income, and develop a bankable company. StarGarden is the agency that provides access to programs and services that can help self-release artists build a team that attracts capital.

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Live Performance Development

The business of live performance is challenging but provides the greatest reward. Popular live music performers generate the most revenue and in turn, sell more merchandise, records, and show tickets. StarStream LIVE will provide a popular work venue for live performers where performers earn money daily. Memorable live performances accelerate the type of popularity that can launch viral brands.

Developing Branded Content 

Content creators look for new ways to connect with their audiences through advancing technologies. GRAVITY, our content networking cloud platform will assist creators in developing content awareness using proprietary software for our members. StarGarden provides access to a new world of tools that empower self-release artists to develop scalable, bankable brands. 

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Join the most exciting new music community in the world. Registration is free. Membership has it's advantages including access to new technologies, music development services, record support services, organizational guidance, and promotional access to the first dedicated live performance workplace for self-release music brands, StarStream LIVE

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Membership Types

General Membership 

General membership is free. Sign up with your email address below and stay informed about new programs, products, and services. 

Business Development Membership

Business membership will provide access to networking, planning, and revenue building tools that allow users to track their music, music licenses, and manage their administration and usage

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