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Something's in the Water, with You...

Without the proper tools and experience, the further you paddle out in your "self-release canoe" in the record business, the true meaning of the word alone begins to hit you. This game is bigger than you, and as your isolation in it settles in, you begin to notice the increasing amounts of effort it takes just to keep your head above the waves. Wherever you look, no land in site. No solid ground for your feet and legs to push against so you can stand up and be who you are. Instead, you spend years adrift, hallucinating, starving for opportunity with no direction. 


To create strides against the undercurrents, and continual pounding waves of resistance in  darker, deeper waters you'll quickly find yourself alone, in an uncontrollable environment with limits on business movement, and capital energy. But then, just when you thought you figured out the record industry, you feel the wake of a huge object brush by just beneath your feet. You don't know what it is, and don't want to know, because whatever it is, you're alone, out of your element, unprepared, and you can't do shit about it. Or can you?  

Business Perspectives & Tactics

Image by Jonathan Rados

When They Abandon You, You're On The Right Track

Today, music is less of a career choice and more of a stepping-stone to what's next. But as you build, you may discover you do not have the devoted brand members you may have thought. Recruit people who are truly committed to the company vision and goals. You must replace the unproductive members, or your company cannot succeed.

Teamwork is a vision commitment that must live in each team player. Eliminate unmotivated members to protect the motivation of other members. You will quickly learn that when and where it matters most, almost no one will be there to assist you. Guaranteed.

Image by Alexander Shatov

Social Media Partnerships

Today competition is less about single companies, more about how quickly and completely yours reaches milestones. Partnerships can help make that happen faster than going it alone.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Ok, Now Build An Empire...

So you're broke, and nobody knows you. You can't get credit, you can't afford much, but you've got a music dream. You only have 59,000 other songs uploaded to Spotify this month and yours makes it 60K. Now, go, and build a music empire like your favorite music's forefathers. 

Performance Lighting

How Do You Attract More Fans?

Image by Wes Hicks

Dreaming of a Exciting Future in Music? Think Again. 

Colleagues at Work

Doing the Hard Work

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